Best Teacher


Binita kandel


Teaching is a noble profession.Teacher are like a second patents. There are many teachers in the world but all are not ideal . A ideal teacher is one who possesses a few special abilities. My favorite teacher is Sagar Karmacharya. He is my best teacher and liked by my all friends .He teaches very well .No one feels boring in his class . As he makes some fun also . He is very helpful. He treats student like friend , understand them and solves their problems in the best possible and easiest way . He support students by giving them over time . A student can ask any questions anytime . He is very friendly to us and never makes us fear from him . We ask him any question related to the subject in the class or his cabin with out any fear . He makes everyone every clear about any topic and motivates us to ask question in his class . He cares us a lot and teaches using easy ways .He has smiling face however,very strict in the study. He is the one of the best example of “A good teacher like a candle they consumes itself to light the ray for other.” Teacher is one who creates curiosity in the students to learn something new. Teacher play a very importance role in the life of students. Nationals future is shaped in the classroom and the one who shapes it is the teacher, . He always give knowledge and give students on right path.